Viviens Model Management


A quick few things about me. My name is Emily Kate Gurr and am currently 21 years old. I live between the northern NSW coast and Brisbane. I study Business and Fashion at QUT in Brisbane. I love travel as it broadens perspective and keeps me active. I love the ocean and heat, I guess you could say I am solar powered.


My rationale- Isosceles represents the different angles and perspectives of the perceived notion of Style and Fashion. The two equal sides represent the majority that dress ‘a-like’ in society. The odd side represents the those ‘searching’ for identity. Fashion is a circle of regurgitation- we see trends and styles reoccurring throughout history with a slight alteration. The isosceles triangle is a symbol for connection, the connection between different trends and the alterations society impose on these trends to eventually evolve into a new Fashion. I aim to represent my take on ‘Style’, a perspective of Dress and culture through my eyes.